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Chaz Allen Art and Poetry Poems from Quarantine

Poems from Quarantine


"Allen returns in true form with his latest collection, Poems from Quarantine. Filled with deep metaphor, autobiographical excerpts, and provocative artwork, Allen continues to guide the reader through his mind along the way. Each piece within represents a new, as well as familiar, facet of Allen’s views on topics such as Love, Faith, finding a Sense of Self, and Society as a whole, during one of the most volatile times in recent history."


The Thirteenth Circle


"Allen’s The Thirteenth Circle is a debut which explores man’s relationship with faith, temptation and possessing a sense of self. An emotionally gripping biography filled will enticing, dark imagery and daring confessions. A must read for fans true-life memoirs and thought-provoking poetry. Allen tells his story in the hope others can relate and find solace."

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